What Makes A Destination Special ?

Identifying an outstanding destination must surely be an extremely subjective matter, coloured by personal predilections and preferences. To a nature-lover, the ideal destination would be a pristine area of lush biodiversity, untouched by the ravages of man. To a culture vulture, a historical city with great museums and impressive art galleries would be the perfect choice. A diver would seek out places with underwater wonders and stunning submarine seascapes, while a wildlife-watcher’s idea of paradise would be a big-game safari or a nocturnal watchtower within a deep wilderness. To the ethnically-inclined, destinations with authentic indigenous communities and traditions are the first priority in travel. In contrast, hyperactive night-birds will head for destinations that never sleep and which pulsate with throbbing music and exciting entertainment all around the clock. And for those who love to shop till they drop, any destination can bring bountiful joy if it has everything from glitzy shopping malls with designer brands to local markets with ‘ethnic’ bargains galore.

People prefer destinations for very different reasons. Some want safety and comfort, while others may seek adventure and the adrenaline-rush of dicing with danger. Many people look for value and economy, while to others luxury and quality are paramount. Some travellers seek peace and solitude, while many tourists want lively crowds and lots of fun during their holiday.  Certain people seek destinations with familiar home-style food, while others want places with exotic foreign cuisine. You have to decide what you want, before you select the best destinations to visit.

To the inveterate globe-trotter, however, the best destinations in the world are those that are safe, unique, authentic and which possess a distinctive character all of their own. Drawing on our decades of experience and decidedly extensive travel, we have our definite preferences. Here, in our typical quirky, personal and decidedly subjective style, are what we believe are some of the Best Destinations In the World!

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