What is Asia? Or, more prosaically, just where is it? The peoples living in the area within the Indian sub-continent, Asean and the Orient would readily identify themselves as Asians, but what about those from the South Seas and the Arabian peninsula? Can the people of Fiji or Papua New Guinea be called Asians? If not, what about their compatriots and relatives living within Indonesian boundaries? Apart from the opportunity to host the glamorous Asian Games, would any self-respecting Arab prefer to be called an Asian instead? How on earth, question many politicians, can far-flung and Caucasian-controlled Australia and New Zealand claim to be any part of Asia? And where does Northern Asia end, and Central Europe begin?

Welcome to the contrasts, confusion, controversies and contradictions of this captivating kaleidoscope that is Asia! Whatever it may be, and whether you define it by geography, sociology or ideology, Asia is the fastest-growing tourism region on the planet – and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is also beginning to dominate discussions on world economics; and the Asian Diaspora covers the globe. So whether for leisure, business, education or socio-cultural reasons, the words ‘Asia’ and ‘Travel’ are becoming almost synonymous.

Here, in our typical quirky, personal and decidedly subjective way, is the vast continent of Asia, as glimpsed by!

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